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Our great advantage in this competitive field lies in our database. Our database contains, amongst other things, our self-developed performance figures of the highest quality, and a wide range of statistics available. Our ability to refine this data with further analysis, and turn it into stories with modern data visualization techniques, helps too. So does our many years behind us already, as very serious horseplayers.

This package can prove handy in surprisingly many different settings!

You can read more about our performance figures here.

  • Gard
    Video analysis and database management

    Gard is the one who study all the turns for ground loss-assessment. He has watched some races, in other words. Won the mighty #DWCCTippingComp in 2020 solely based upon our numbers. Educated with a Bachelor's degree in economics and as a nurse, which is quite the combination. Enjoys his daily job as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital.

  • Aksel
    Performance Figures, Data Analysis and Web-Master

    Aksel is the curious mind behind galoppanalyse.no's own performance figures - and has also built and translated this website in record time. Got his brother hooked on horse racing back in the days. Educated with a master's degree in organizational psychology, and a mysteriously large varieté of single courses to complement it with. He enjoys his dayjob as a free spirited organizational developer in an Norwegian IT-company.

    Please contact us with any of your needs or ideas for collaboration!

    aksel@galoppanalyse.no or gard@galoppanalyse.no


    In addition, you will find the contact form here.