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The Norwegian Derby day crowns the Scandinavian derby summer, and of course do we in galoppanalyse.no want to take a part in it. We have taken a closer look at all the candidates, in the Norwegian Derby 2021.

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Okay, we admit that we may have overdone it with the original introduction of our performance figures. We've now made a simpler explanation, that shouldn't come off quite as much as a manifesto.

The abstinences for more top class horse racing shows up quickly after a derby. Fortunately, it is plenty to look forward to still, with the Danish Derby and the Norwegian Derby coming up. Here are our top 10 movies and tv-series about horse racing, while you wait!

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We have explained how we create performance figures, so now we want to say something more about how we use them. What better way than to use the Swedish Derby that kicks off on Sunday, as an example? Here follows our analysis of the race!

Races are often lost and won in the start, so post positions is an important variable both when assessing horses' chances of winning, and when planning on tactics. Doing your homework with the post positions statistics can serve you well. Here is an explanation of what you see, and an example of how it could be used.

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The performance figures we create are the core of everything we do, but it is not necessarily so obvious to others why they are so useful. A good beginning would be to understand more of what goes into them - so here is an explanation.