Unique Horse Racing Data for Scandinavian Tracks, and Meydan

A Bet on the Players!

It is obvious for us that the horseplayers are the main customers of Horse Racing, while it is the active ones in the form of owners, trainers, jockeys and the thoroughbreds themselves that make up the product. If the horseplayers disappear, the whole foundation disappears with them. At least in Scandinavia. We want to create better experiences for the horseplayers and the public, with better form products and larger access to interesting horse racing data as important ingredients. We strongly believe that this is the way to realize the enormous international potential that lies in Scandinavian Thoroughbred Racing.

Our first contribution is this very site. On this site you will find a blog with diverse content we’ll put our souls into making, and a liberal forum with room for a magnitude of opinions. There will be race analyzes based on statistics and performance figures, and a whole betting school for those who want to learn more. We’ll freely share tools such as post position statistics and horse racing weather. Maybe we’ll even take the initiative for a co-ownership of race horses? Stay tuned!

In short, we will try a good few different things and just see what sticks.

..But Also on The Active Ones.

Of course we see very clearly that our performance figures have great potential value for the active ones, too. You can read more about how we calculate our performance figures here. We have also provided some ideas for how you could benefit from themThe main premise is that accurate and comparable information about what has been achieved in the past, can be used both to predict future achievements – and to proactively influence them. We horseplayers talk a lot about data as an edge,but this applies just as much to the active ones.

There will be both products and services coming on this site later, and we are also open for discussing more exclusive forms of collaboration. Use our contact form if you get any ideas!


Our performance figures are simply world class.They are based on the American art of Speed Figures, but we have moved way beyond the traditional Beyer numbers that many may have heard of. We also video analyze every single turn that is run, both in Scandinavia and Dubai, and collect a wide variety of statistics.


Since 2013, we have collected data in our own database. This means that we are soon approaching 10 years of searchable, granular, and very analysis-friendly horse racing data – centered around our own performance figures. In other words, we are able to test most racing-related hypotheses and assumptions.


In addition, we are constantly learning new tricks and skills in both data analysis and data visualization. In other words, you arrive at a covered table, and that is just as it should be. You do not need a master’s degree in data analytics to take advantage of the numbers we produce. We turn data into stories.