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Post Position Statistics Tells You A Lot, But Not Everything.

Races can be both lost and won on the turns, as the shortest way to the finish line often also is the most effective. Horses could give the performance of their lives and still not win, if one gives away too much ground with wide trips. There seems to be less “ground consciousness” in Scandinavian Racing than in International Racing, however we do have exceptions. Some of our most successful trainers and jockeys at Øvrevoll, Klampenborg, Göteborg, Jägersro and Bro Park, stand out a little with their knack for saving ground.

At the same time, all courses are different. The distance from the starting gates to the first turn varies a lot, and some tracks are more inclined for having “biases” that’ll make it beneficial to invest in wider trips, and so on. There are no rules, without exception. Some distances are also run less frequently, which means that randomness have better conditions for fooling us.

Post Position statistics are therefore never a definitive or hard truth – but they still have a lot to teach us.

These statistics are based on the seasons of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 up to and including June.

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NB! Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when using these statistics, however, has to do with field size. Since you only count victories from different post positions, the inner gates will look disproportionately better because there are far more races with only 6-7 horses, than there is with 15 horses. Therefore, use the win percentage actively when assessing the trends. We have made an alternative visualization, where we use the win percentage and not the number of victories, as our Y-axis. Find it here